Christmas protests

Due to the Christmas protests in Hong Kong, Fonus starts offering secure and encrypted cellular service to all citizens and residents of the S.A.R.

Hong Kong residents can order SIM cards starting today from Fonus, which allows them to utilize a secure and encrypted data channel for users to access the Internet, make and receive phone calls and SMS messages, use navigation services, and perform various other mobile use cases.

HONG KONG, December 27, 2019 – Fonus Inc. announces today that it will start offering secure and encrypted cellular service to all Hong Kong residents, mainly due to the recent events that have occurred in Hong Kong during the Christmas holidays.

“This will essentially work like Telegram, where all your messages and calls are fully encrypted and secure, except that it will apply to all the possible applications and processes that you may do with your phone. This includes browsing the Internet, going on Google, Facebook and Twitter, navigating on Google Maps, and any other use case you may do with your phone,” says Jason Huan, CTO of Fonus. 

“The main disadvantage with an app like Telegram right now is that although all communications going through that particular app are encrypted and secure, the rest of the activity on your device is completely exposed and vulnerable to potential security threats.” The Fonus SIM cards provided to Hong Kong residents will connect to MNOs (mobile network operators) from overseas. Fonus has signed agreements with various MNOs in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Customers may visit the Fonus website to purchase the SIM card at a price of US$15 (around 117HKD as of 12/28/2019), which provides unlimited data, calls and texts, as well as the ability to roam anywhere globally, for US$30 (around 234HKD) per month. Customers may simply insert the SIM card in any unlocked mobile device, and then utilize the cellular service just as with any other network provider.

About Fonus Inc.

Fonus Inc. aims to break the borders in the world of carriers, offer the most cost-effective cellular service, and provide the most effortless experience to its users.

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